May 10, 2016 Louise Jones

The power of print…

Yesterday morning I received the latest catalogue from my favourite retailer, I didn’t discard it or recycle it, I placed it on the coffee table in my lounge with a promise to treat myself later to a look at it whilst enjoying a glass of wine. Is this sad or is this the power of print?

Later that evening I sat down and enjoyed the catalogue. The catalogue was of a high quality, the colours and images crisp, clear and enticing. The pages were matt finished and you could feel the quality of the pages. I do have an interest in print anyway, so maybe there is a slight bias but in that half an hour my favourite retailer conveyed many of the perceptions I have of their brand in my hands. I perceive the brand to be good quality and practical, with a sense of fun, it fits my life and works for me. The catalogue subtly reassures me that my perceptions are correct.

Not only is the catalogue in my opinion, lovely, it is personally addressed and even tailored to my preferences, I am offered 20% of all dresses, my favourite, I place an order within 30 minutes!

This perfectly demonstrates the power of direct mail and print, this piece was spot on, effective and did its job 100%.

Am I unique, I would suggest not. In the UK advertising expenditure for direct mail rose 4.5% to £965 million over the first 6 months of 2015.

Print is an important and powerful tool within every marketer’s tool kit and its effectiveness is undeniable. There are a plethora of cheap and cheerful internet printers out there and I am not denying that they have their place in the market place but if you want to connect with, form relationships with and build advocates within your customers, print that matches your brand values and reinforces perceptions has to be worth the investment, in terms of creative design, print quality and personalisation.

The great news is that top quality digital printers will be able to personalise your direct mail collateral easily, and I don’t mean just Dear Mrs Smith, I mean stating their favourite items or services, varying the offer given to different customers and even stating how long since they first began doing business with you or buying your products.

No longer does digital mean poor quality. Top of the range digital printers like the HP indigo are considered by many to be the best out there, they can print on a variety of stocks, materials and many superb finishing techniques can be applied to make your print stand out.

UV varnishing, foiling and die-cutting are all possible. Good printers will also be able to colour match 100% between digital and lithographic print. They will be able to advise on ideas, suggestion and techniques that you and your designers may not know where possible or even existed. Like any industry print is constantly changing, evolving and developing.

Print is emotive, tactile and memorable and we are passionate about it, you might be able to tell! If you want great results, fast turnaround, the best advice call us today 0115 9443377 to discuss your next project.


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