February 22, 2016 Louise Jones

Embossing, increases value, adds luxury and creates a great impression.

Embossed Bentley Logo.

Embossing and debossing are types of print finishing, they enhance the print after the ink has been applied. Embossing is raising an image and debossing is indenting an image; both techniques create texture and contours, they can be used to emphasise and highlight, to draw attention to key information, values and characteristics. Without a shadow of a doubt embossing and debossing are synonymous with luxury and will add distinction to any project.

The texture and thickness of the material used when either embossing or debossing is very important and different materials produce different results. Sometimes clients choose a textured paper and use embossing to smooth out the paper other clients opt for a smooth paper and use embossing to creature texture, both giving stunning results.

Debossing involves pressing an image or text into the material. Foils can also be applied to both processes to further enhance the image.

Embossing and debossing do add extra costs to your print work but it is a great way to add something special to your company brochure, business card or next marketing campaign.

Business cards, brochures, book covers, stationery and notebooks are just some things that can be embossed or debossed, though most printed products can be enhanced in this way. Good commercial printers will give free independent advice on a project by project basis and in most cases will provide samples prior to the whole job going to print.

At Excel Colour Print we offer free advice and wherever possible we will provide a print sample, just to make sure the result is exactly what you require. If you would like any help or if you have any questions about these or any other printing techniques give us a call on 0115 944 3377 or send us an email john@excel-printing.co.uk

Foiling used on luxury printed dinner invitation.

Embossed and foiled business card.

Debossed logo on the cover of a Fred Perry book.

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