Images that sparkle

Our gold solution ink provides a beautiful rich metallic look to your print. It can be used as solid gold giving a similar effect to a traditional foil or may be combined with other CMYK colours to make amazing overall sparkling colour metallic effects. As an inline digital process it’s a really cost effective enhancement to add gold to low volume orders and will really make your marketing message stand out.

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100% Gold Ink looks as good as traditional foiling, yet is on demand and much more cost effective

Gold can be added to other CMYK colours to achieve a vast range of metallic colours

Create stunning image effects by adding gold into your deigns

Gold always adds a luxury touch to any item it is applied to.

Ultra Matt or Ultra Gloss

The intelligent glossing option, on our digital press, delivers a high impact ultra-gloss or ultra matt finish to your printed communications. Enhancing the overall quality of the image for that higher marketing impact. It is an environmentally friendly process that looks superior to gloss lamination whilst the matt option is tactile like a matt lamination. Yet unlike lamination does not affect the recyclability of the piece.

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All over Ultra Gloss finish that looks better than laminate.

All over Ultra Matt finish creates a tactile super matt finish

The process is environmentally friendly and allows products to be recycled through normal waste streams

Digital inline on demand process creating a beautiful robust luxury print finish

Print you can feel

Intelligent dimensional ink allows us to enhance specified areas of images and text with a raised printing layer. Transforming flat print into a tactile texture that can make your communications stand out in a crowded marketplace. This is a digital inline process which makes it cost effective to apply in both small and larger print runs.

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Why have flat print when you can have tactile?

Images can engage us by touch as well as by sight.

Tactile or textured images convey important messages to customers.

Perception of product and quality can be conveyed better through tactile print

Create raised and 3d layers within the same document for different textures

Digital Spot Gloss

With our enhanced digital press we are able to produce a spot gloss varnish to highlight and enhance specific text and image areas. Similar in results to the traditional Spot UV method but it’s a digital inline process which negates the necessity for traditional longer run lengths and costly set up fees.

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Highlight images or text in a spot uv style finish produced digitally on demand

Create clear dimensional effects and watermarks.

Create security within documents