Print that Communicates

We believe that communication from print starts when you pick it up or handle it. Our tactile senses engage us and begin to visualise quality and feel luxury perhaps before even colour or design have been noted. We feel that material choices and finishing techniques are equally important as the printed imagery itself to convey important messages to customers.

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Our business has the expertise and facilities in house to produce exceptional printing work that looks fresh and feels special.

Always happy to advise you, on any techniques or materials that may enhance your print job or perhaps make it work better for you.

We care about your print, we have strong ethics and core values. Producing great results for your business matters to us and it is our passion to achieve this.

Producing beautiful print to be proud of is a team event. Involving both you and us, working together to achieve an amazing result, that will make your printed material stand out from the rest.

If you are looking for another internet based printer that is focused on cost before quality, then unfortunately that just isn’t us. Alternatively if you’re seeking amazing yet competitive from a company that wants to make your print unforgettable, then a warm welcome awaits you at Excel Colour Print

Value for Money

So how much does the best really cost, as its sounds expensive? It would be a fair assessment to say that we are not the cheapest printer available, but we are very competitive. As a rule of thumb cheap print is rarely good and good print is rarely cheap. The right word to describe us is competitive. If you had several quotes from differing companies on the table we would fall somewhere in the middle. So not the cheapest and definitely not the most expensive.

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Some products are great to buy online. Although the internet doesn’t listen to you, or advise you, doesn’t take care of you, or suggest better ways to do something.

Web shops often require you to do the design or suggest that you choose a template of theirs that hundreds of others may have used and you will mostly certainly pay before you have received the goods to evaluate.

Alternatively you can have a dedicated account manager to guide you and take an interest in what you’re trying to do. This person you can bounce ideas off and ask their thoughts or advice. This person is invaluable and will help you get what you really want.

This person is an Excel Colour Print account manager, who wants to do their very best for you and wants to make your print amazing. That’s why we are competitive and worth that little bit extra than the cheapest supplier on the internet.

Personal Service & Tailored Print

Online these days is a really quick way to buy print and is often cheap. Yet print web shops do not listen to you, can’t personally advise you, won’t take care of you, and are not interested in what you are trying to achieve with your brand or product. That’s why having someone at the end of the phone to help guide you and take an interest in what you are trying to do, makes all the difference to the end result.

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Our reputation for high quality printing accompanied with meticulous attention to detail and excellent customer service has flourished. Our customers are demanding and have come to expect the very best from us.

We are not perfect, as we believe that perfection is unobtainable. But if we strive for it daily, then we will consistently achieve our best.

Our customers are also our friends and they really appreciate the time, advice and assistance that we give to them. We don’t just sit back and take orders or process quotes. We think about how the job will be made, what could we add or advise to make it better or more cost effective to produce.

This level of service doesn’t make us the cheapest, but it does make us worth what you pay.

Trust and Integrity

We have an impeccable reputation for integrity. Your brand, ideas, colours, details and aspirations are all safe with us. Excel Colour Print will never release your goods, branding or designs to any third party without your permission. Likewise we will never release information to the market in advance of your desire to do so. If you’re a Design Agency or Print Broker you can relax, we would never talk with a client without your express permission.

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Relationships are really important to us and our customers become our friends.

Our integrity is not for sale and we would never back door someone that subcontracts work to us. It has never happened in over 27 years of trading and it never will.

Trust is just as important as the high quality printing we produce for you and we take this very seriously.

We have many long standing relationships with Creative Agencies, Solo Designers and Print Brokers alike and your work is exactly that, YOURS. All artwork, files and images etc are always available to you upon request. We never hold them to ransom or make it difficult for you to get them back.

We also have customers that trust us to have direct responsibility of looking after their customers for them and they are happy to disclose our relationship. Whatever suits you we can do, the key thing is to keep the end client happy and make sure they love the print we have produced.