Embossing, increases value, adds luxury and creates a great impression.

Embossed Bentley Logo.

Embossing is a method of pressing an image into a material to create a raised design/3D effect. Debossing is the opposite of embossing. Debossing results in a depressed surface, with the design being pressed into the material, the design is lower than the surrounding paper area.
Embossing produces a look of quality and elegance, it is often used on materials that aim to impress for example; business cards, invitations, certificates and brochure covers.

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Finishing techniques guaranteed to enhance your printed materials!

Multi layered, bespoke die-cut awards invitation.

A well thought out and executed brochure can be an effective part of your sales and marketing tool kit. A printed brochure will last far longer than any Twitter or Facebook post, it is visual, tactile and if done well it will be memorable and appreciated. The right finish for any printed job is crucial, here are 5 finishing techniques that can’t fail to make your print extraordinary.

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