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Trees Glorious Trees!

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Trees planted and Co2 Captured - October and December 2022.

Trees planted and Co2 Captured - April and June 2021.

January to Aug 2021, was some of the worst months we have experienced during the covid lockdown. All the customers that continued to buy from us during this time, helped us to plant just over 6 more trees, and we also captured and helped to remove 4,842kg of Carbon Dioxide.

Why we need more trees and the benefits

  1. Trees clean the air they improve air quality by absorbing toxic chemicals from the atmosphere.

  2. Planting a tree today is an integral part of addressing global warming. The action against global warming and climate change is the responsibility of every business and homeowner.

  3. Trees influence land fertility and without trees, fertile lands can become infertile. In other words, trees help to keep the soil particles together and prevent soil erosion and help with flooding.

  4. Trees are great climate regulators, they are the world’s natural fans. They fan our environment and surroundings and act as insulators by absorbing and reflecting away some of the sun’s heat.

  5. Planting a tree today is therefore essential to ensuring we have a sustainable environment.

  6. Trees help prevent soil erosion and offer a magnificent land cover and reduce the speed of stormwater runoff.

  7. Trees are needed for breathing and without the trees, we cannot breathe! Through photosynthesis, trees take up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and give out oxygen which supports our breathing.

  8. All living creatures need oxygen to survive and trees play an impressive role in supplying oxygen, it is imperative to plant a tree today for a sustainable future.

  9. Trees protect biodiversity, most species of plants and animals survival depend on Trees. Trees like oak and sycamore, provide excellent urban habitats for squirrels, bees, and birds. To protect the planet’s biodiversity, we need to plant a tree today.

  10. Trees have numerous benefits and they can hardly be overstated. They support the environment in various ways and without them; life on earth would be impossible.

Help plant a tree and join our journey, become a sustainable print partner. We provide our customers with an eco-friendly print management solution.

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