Get involved, make a change

Small changes will make big differences

Find Balance with us!

We can all take small steps together to effect big changes. It's not someone else's job, if we are all waiting for big industry to change then it's never going to happen.

We have more power than we think to influence change. That power is within what and how we buy things. It is the consumer that drives big industry. If we don't need it they won't make it and if we change how we want it they will respond by making it differently.

All markets are consumer led, so as individuals we have massive power to effect change. The key is enough of us have to do it to start the ball rolling.

And that is what Excel Colour Print are doing, we are leading not following, we've taken a decision to produce everything in an eco-friendly manner that's sustainable, whilst planting trees and saving bees in the UK. If you join in, together we combine our purchases and we increase change, it feels good, real good. Try it and see.


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